A little information about Lil Miki's Oshc. My name is Michaela MacArthur and I am a mum of twins Seth and Ella, i am also the Owner/Director of Lil Miki's . I have been in the industry for over 10 years now and in my time I have worked with many companies.

This is how my journey began.

I started off as a casual assistant Educator, which then lead into a traineeship to study Cert 3 in children's services. I started working full time once I completed my cert 3 then moved straight onto my Diploma in children services. From there I was then made room leader. After many years being a room leader I took on the position as assistant centre manger. I was only in that role for a short time before being promoted to Centre Manager which  I carried out for over 5 years. It was then that I decided  it was my time to open my own service and continue my passion in child care.


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